Jinendhi Resource Center for Down syndrome

The commitment is for Children with Special Needs.

  1. Beneficiary membership
  2. Family Membership / Guardian membership
  3. Professionals / Volunteers Membership
  4. Organization Membership
  5. Affiliated Membership

  6. Membership open for any nationality

Category No Benefits Category Name Members Fee
  1. Priority Identity card
  2. Medical camp
  3. Personal Health record Book
  4. Free membership
  5. You are entitled to the services of the JCFDS
  6. Exposed to society

Beneficiary members

We all work for you.Parents,Guardians,
Heads of the schools will be our correspondents
We all work to get your voice heard.
Finally build a caring community for
Children with special needs.

1st Member

2 nd Member

3 rd Member

4 th Member

Free Membership.
  1. You are no longer alone , You are with friends .
  2. Counselling service
  3. Participate in almost all activities of the organization .
  4. Able to participate in programs organized by other countries ( if affordable )
  5. Financial assistance for deserving families

Family or the Guardian membership

This is open for the Parents ,Guardians
Of the beneficiary members.
Your support will be of utmost importance to make
your child and the family happy

1 st Member Family

2 nd Member Family

3 rd Member Family

4 th Member Family

Membership Free.
Donations Appreciated.
  1. Most important reward is self satisfaction
  2. We recognize your service at the annual vocational award ceremony .
  3. Volunteers will be given a training locally or may be abroad
  4. Voluntary payment in projects may be available for volunteers.

Professionals / Volunteers Members

The key to our success rest in people like you ,who embody the spirit of greatness
We need many professionals and volunteers to implement project.

1st Member's Profile

She has studied recreational therapy at St. Thomas Aquinas College and she has
8 years of experience working with children with Down syndrome at the Midhudson
Valley camp in Esopus NY. I volunteer as a counselor at this camp which is a
sleep away camp for special needs. She has taught dance to children with Down
Syndrome for the past year at Gigi's Playhouse (Down Syndrome Achievement Center
in NYC) and at Janel's Dance and Arts Fusion in NJ. She is also a film maker and
create films to raise awareness for special needs and Down syndrome.

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2nd Member

3rd Member

4 th Member

5 th Member

Membership Free.
Donations Appreciated.
  1. Building the brand name
  2. We buy your product

Organization Membership / Affiliated membership

Membership for groups, educational institutions, societies, associations, other non profit organizations ets.
Further any organization that has a social obligation can join with us an do a service for the needy children.
We need organizations support to make this dream a reality.

Donation : Minimum us$ 250.