Donation of Hearing Aids (Project 04)

Project Description

A hearing aid or deaf aid is an electro-acoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry. Only a relatively small portion of adult hearing problems, such as ear infection and middle ear diseases, are medically or surgically treatable. If the condition cannot be treated medically or surgically, hearing aids may be beneficial.

What are the different types of hearing loss?

  • Sensor neural - a hearing loss that usually develops due to damage to the small sensory cells in the inner ear, called hair cells. This damage can occur as a result of disease, illness, age, injury from exposure to noise or certain medicines, or as the result of a genetic disorder.
  • Conductive – a hearing loss that occurs when sound waves cannot transmit through the outer or middle ear or both. This can, for example, be caused by earwax, fluid in the middle ear space, or a punctured eardrum. Medical or surgical treatment can often restore hearing in people with a conductive hearing loss.
  • Mixed– a combination of sensor neural and conductive hearing loss.

Project Details

(Rotarian) PHF.G.A.W.G Galgamuwa organized a Donation Campaign of hearing aid along with the Rotary Club Kandy, Sri Lanka. The main intention of this project was to donate hearing aids for people who are unable to buy them due to their Economic status. After considering some facts, such as Age, Medical Status, etc the hearing aids are donated. More than 100 hearing aids have been donated among adults and children from May 2014 onwards. One device costs around Sri Lankan Rs.75, 000/=. This project is only for Sri Lankan citizens. The main Donor of this project is Honorary Member Rotarian Gunter Volkman (Denmark) and Coordinator is Rotarian P.H.F John Baskaran (Rotary club of Kandy-Sri Lanka).

Initially our organization donated hearing aids among Adults (Age below 70) as well as children. But now we are only concerned about children.

The following Criteria will be applied in future

  1. Age limit – should between 6 -24 years old.
  2. Children should be from economically deserving families.
  3. Should be a Member of Jinendhi Resource Centre for Down syndrome. (Membership will be issued free of charge )

Following should be submitted
  1. Audiology Report issued by a Doctor
  2. Grama Sevaka certificate to testify the address of residence, and that the annual income is low.
  3. Copy of a Birth Certificate
  4. 2 passport size photographs

The donation depends on the availability of the hearing aids

Please contact for further details PHF G.A.W.G Galgamuwa

Ayesha Sewwandi

B.G.Kasun Sandeepa

Chathurika Dewindi

D.Nilanda De Silva

H.A.Kavindu Lakshan

H.M.Piumika Prasangi

K.B.Sajana Dilshan

K.K.Sadini Malshani


Kosala Madhubhashana

L.D.Sachini Sankalpana

L.K.Rasanga Madhushanka

M.K.Ruwini Tharaka


Malinanandana Himi

N.G.Shashika Niroshani

Nipuni Udeshani

R.J.Lahiru Asanka

R.K.Dhanajaya Chathuranga

Rashmi Ishara Madhushani

Y.V.A.Diana Sithari

Kavinda Nimsara

Donation of Hearing Aids

We donated Hearing Aids for 20 children on 01st October 2014 at Tangalle, School for Deaf children to mark the World Children's Day.

Deaf Children also performed a Pooja Dance at the Opening Ceremony.

We Thank Mr.Baskaran, Rotary Club Kandy who has assisted Mr. Galgamuwa to get the Hearing Aids from Germany. The Project chair is Rotarian PHF Galgamuwa, Rotary Club Kandy.

Students Performing a Cultural Dance at the opening ceremony.