1. Youth Membership – (Age group 14 to 24 individuals or interact clubs or youth groups)

  2. We pay for your membership provided, you plant a tree and send us the photograph with you standing by the side of tree planted. It will be up loaded to our website. We award you the free membership. Conditions apply.

    • Age Group – 14 to 24 Years
    • 1st stage – A membership certificate will be awarded. If you submit the bill for the purchased plant we will reimburse double the value of the bill.
    • 2nd year onwards for five years we will give a cash award or a gift for your birthday . But we will monitor the growth of your tree plant annually by sending questioners and other relevant stuff.

    Please visit Youth with a Tree page for more details

GEYEF is working under three different areas .But interconnected in many ways.Membership is free.But donations are welcome with appreciation.Members are welcome from any where in the world.

  1. General Membership

  2. Any one interested in working with us residing any where in the world has the opportunity to serve by participating in action / conversation / exchange of knowledge / donations or any possible ways .We highly appreciate and honor your membership and your social commitment. We need your support to serve and to make a success of our vision.

  3. Youth Membership

  4. The above mentioned criteria will apply

  5. Members Clubs

  6. Our vision is to establish many interact youth clubs and affiliated clubs to serve the planet as a whole.

    1. Interact Clubs
      • Minimum number of Youth – 10 (ten)
      • Age group - 15 to 24 ( UNO definition)
      • Sri Lanka or any where in the world
      • In schools / Universities or any organization

    2. Affiliated Clubs
      • Minimum of 10 members
      • Age group - No age barrier
      • Sri Lanka or any where in the world

    Member Clubs have to note specially the important days in the calendar of the UNO Such as

    1. Environment day – 5th June
    2. World Down syndrome day - 21st March
    3. World autism Awareness day – 2nd April
    4. International Day of persons with disabilities – 3rd December

    We invite Other Non-Governmental organizations / Youth organizations / interact clubs to build relationships to work together to achieve our goals .

Specific Areas


Jinendhi Resource Center for Down syndrome

The commitment is for Children with Special Needs.

  • Beneficiary membership
  • Family Membership / Guardian membership
  • Professionals / Volunteers Membership
  • Organization Membership
  • Affiliated Membership
Vist Jinendi Resource Centre For Down Syndrome

Environment Conservation and youth

  • Youth members – Age group 15 to 24, any where in the world
  • Professional / Volunteers Membership
  • Affected International Memberships – Any international youth organizations and interact clubs
  • Affiliated Membership – Local voluntary / youth interact clubs and Government organizations


Education - University Education In India
(“ Educated youth is an asset to the family ,Country and the world “)

    1) student Membership

    Age group of 15 to 24. – Willing to do higher studies and having an interest to conserve the environment and to serve other deserving human beings as a whole. We guide you to achieved higher studies and to promoted to Graduate members

    2) Graduate membership

    3) Honorary / Professional memberships.

    Any one interested in serving the younger generations to archive their higher education goals in any form are considered as honorary and professional members. example: Counselling / Assisting in Subject matters or any way to to share your knowledge and experience with young people.

    4) Affiliated organizations

    • Educational institutions
    • Universities
    • any organization committed for education
    • Interact clubs of other organization
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