Mr. Galgamuwa and the family visited and consulted a few Down syndrome associations in USA. They visited the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis and met the Executive Director Jeremy Ballinger. There he explained A to Z of his Association. Miss Jinendhi was cordially received by him and encouraged to start a center in Sri Lanka.

The Family Outreach Manger of Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, Denver, Colorado, USA also explained their functions or the services. We are really grateful to both of them on behalf of Jinendhi. Our Daughter Jinendhi is a very fortunate girl to be the youngest daughter in a family of three sons. The youngest is Pabodha, reading for his PhD, in Kansas State University. The second brother Ramindhu, is a medical Doctor, reading for his PhD and also practising as a general practitioner in Canberra ,Australia . The eldest, Amodha is also a Science graduate. He read for his Master’s degree in Netherlands, and now living in Sri Lanka, serving the Navy as an officer and also one of the Board directors of the National youth Services council. More than that, she is so fortunate to have an educated mother , A science graduate teacher who is very much responsible in the well natured upbringing of our daughter. She is well trained to carry on with her day to day normal life . She has a pleasing nature and corresponds very well with the family possessing a mild and loving character. Jinendhi went to a special school and also to a normal school. She knows how to behave in any standard society, and has already travelled to a few countries such as, India , Malaysia, Singapore , Nepal ,United States of America and Myanmar Now she is an asset to the family and also she is fortunate to have three educated sisters in law who are very caring too.Mr. Galgamuwa has requested all three sons to contribute or Donate an adequate sum of money to start the Centre.

Sri Lanka still being a developing country the Children of Down Syndrome do not get adequate services as in developed countries like USA , Australia and Europe etc.. Those who are born to affluent families are fortunate. Many children are born to underprivileged families ,with difficulties in bringing up and educating even their normal children.

The Jinendhi resource Centre is meant to serve the children with Special needs or differently able children in Sri Lanka. Majority of Parents in Sri Lanka are not well conversant of Down Syndrome and other hereditary conditions of the children.

As for Mr. Galgamuwas’ vision, Jinendhi should act as an Ambassador of the center to motivate the local and international communities to be a part of this service Centre. We are trying to collect funds, to serve this segment of children through GEYEF. We cannot do this service alone. We need the participation of well-wishers and kind hearted people in any form to do a better service to many children and families. Further we need the support of all the Down syndrome associations, to support us in any form to make our effort a reality.

Extension projects - Services of the resource centre

    • Main mission of the Jinendhi Resource Center for Down Syndrome is to benefit the lives of children with Down Syndrome , Autism , children with any disabilities and their families through individual ,family support, education ,public awareness and advocacy. Finally to build up a “Caring Community for Children with Special needs.

  2. We hope to send a packet of resource information to new and parents in hospitals, residence and schools.
    • GIFT A LITTLE , DO A LOT - We welcome the new parents of Down Syndrome into our community by providing them with a gift package (and financial aid depending on the family back ground). We will give the gift package ,to any such family irrespective of the family back ground. But the financial aid will be given on the basis of the family background. Any person with a kind heart can donate the cost of the celebration package. Information kits will be given to Aunts, Uncles and family friends .

  3. Financial support for the deserving families for one year . Sponsors are welcome for the project.

  4. We will direct the new parents to a resourceful Volunteer.

  5. We will coordinate with the special education units of the Department of education and assist the units in school to upgrade the facilities especially with educational tools .Our objective is to create a friendly environment in the class room and also to give best teaching and learning practices for the children .

  6. We will coordinate with the special education units of the Department of education and give the necessary training for the special education teachers .

  7. The services of these teachers will be recognized for the Vocational Excellent Award. Program will coordinate with the Rotary International , Lions international or any other reputed service organizations . This is to encourage the teachers for their dedicated services.

  8. We will organize Social Groups with the help of the Volunteers .

  9. Counselling for the parents .

  10. Parents association and small group association will be formed with the help of Volunteers.

  11. Find Training programs for teachers in the department of education , other private teachers and for volunteers.

  12. Motivate the young people to be professionals in the following fields. We will coordinate with the universities and institutions and other relaxant organizations that offer courses.
    • BASLP Audiology and speech language pathology
    • Bachelors of Social work

  13. We will stay connected with professionals through the heath care partnership.

  14. Educating the Hospitals ,Public transport and other service organizations to give a priority service to the Children with special needs. Identity cards will be issued to the parents .We will coordinate with the Government departments such as social works dept.

  15. The trained volunteers will be mobilized to serve the families in their locations.Their services will be monitored and nominated for the Vocational Excellent Award and for further training to similar associations in other developed countries.

  16. We invite Foreign volunteers to work with our volunteers.Exchange programs.

  17. We will assist the needs of the other existing centers.


  1. Adequate space to conduct meetings,training programs,clinical programs and small family functions.Common space for all activities.
  2. Office space - for the staff
  3. Kitchen .
  4. Small Library
  5. Outdoor play area for children, with modern equipment .
  6. At least three wash rooms .
  7. Store room .
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