Jinendhi Youth Hostel

Jinendhi international Youth Hostel
( Not for profit , Not for Charity, But for service )

Why youth Hostel
Youth hostel movement commenced in 1909, when Richard Schirrmann, a German school teacher and Wilhelm Munker, a conservationist, saw the need for overnight accommodation for school groups wanting to experience the country side . Later Schirrmann founded the nation wide German youth Hostel Association in 1919.The movement spread rapidly worldwide leading to the founding of International Youth Hostel Federation IYHF in 20th October 1932.

The Director General GEYEF PHF.G.A.W.G. GALGAMUWA had a vision to start this Youth Hostel concept at the National Youth Services Council during his office as the Director Foreign Affairs .But due to the situation of the country he was not able to commence the program . Now the need has arisen to serve the youth members of the GEYEF local and international. But the Youth Hostel is open for any international tourist .

His vision has become a reality in the year 2015.

The following centers are available in Sri Lanka .

  1. Kandy - No .81 .Wattaranthenna Passage Kandy.
  2. Colombo - No.422 2/2 , Carlton House Galle Road Colombo 3.
  3. Wattegama(Kandy) - Knight's dale Estate - 4 Rooms .

  4. With camp site.
    Quite environment.
    Solar power energy.
    Eco-"Friendly unite .

Booking office - No.81 Wattarantenna Passage Kandy.
Contact - 0094777374588 / 0094777840028 / 0814470664.
email - education@amasa.lk

Travel Companies affiliated to JIYH.

  1. Community Tours (Pvt) Ltd.

  2. Amasa Voyages www.amsavoyages.com


    Our service is to provide budget accommodation for international and local youths. But open for any international travellers with out boundaries. We welcome international students visiting for intern-ship, workshops , Seminars and expeditions ets.


    1. Kandy - 5 Rooms house and 2 Upstairs special rooms .

      • Free- Wi-Fi with computer facility.

      • Travel desk - travel assistance.

      • Small library.

      • Cooking facilities.

      • Bed linen provided.

      • Break fast on request.

      • Washing Machine.

      • TV Facility in the common area.

      • Seminar

    2. Colombo 3 - It's an apartment. Two rooms.

    3. Location - 466 2/2 , Carton House Galle Road, Colombo 3.

      Two person can accommodate in one room. This is on availability .

    4. Eco friendly estate - 4 Rooms .

    Social Commitment

    Visitors have a chance of participating in service programs of Jinendhi Resource Centre for Down Syndrome and Youth and Environment, Youth Camps.

    Kandy - International Travellers
    US $ 30 per day (Double Room Only)
    Breakfast on request - US $ 5.
    Members have a different rate .
    Clarification - 0777374588.

    Colombo 3 - Apartment.
    Rates - One double room US $ 55.
    Contact - 009477374588 | 0094 777840028 | education@amasa.lk

Jinendhi Garden vila

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jinendri garden vila
jinendri garden vila
jinendri garden vila
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