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The world's forests occupy one-quarter of the earth's land surface. According to the ]United Nations State of the World's Forests 2014 report, forests and agroforestry systems play a crucial role in rural livelihood development and provides a wide range of goods and ecosystem services. It is estimated that 2.4 billion people (about 40% of the world's population) use wood fuel for cooking, and forest products provide shelter to at least 1.3 billion people. Consumption of edible non-wood forest products (NWFPs) provide food security and stability to billions of people across the globe. Due to their tremendous potential, it has being identified by the United Nations that forests can and should play an important role in the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger while ensuring environmental stability.


Deforestation and forest degradation are the major challenges faced by the worlds forestry sector. The 2014 UN Climate Summit reported that approximately 13 million hectares of forests continue to be lost each year globally, which contributes up to 20% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, actions to combat deforestation and restore degraded forests and other landscapes has become a global necessity. As an organization dedicated for youth environmental education we believe that younger generation has an important role to play in preserving our forests and the ecosystem.

What can we do to help preserve our forest and ecosystem ?

T R E E - Activities of our organization on this aspect;

Teach - Teach and educate others about the importance of the forests and the role they play both locally and globally in sustainable development

Research - Research in forestry and environment is an essential part of the process, which by all means is supported

Encourage - Encourage or motivate people for environmentally friendly living

Establish - Establish and maintain sustainable home gardens, recreation parks with trees as a major component of the system

Project 1 : Youth with a tree

Objectives : 1 Million Youth With 1 Million Plants Around The World . . .

  • 1 st Stage : 20,000 youths with 20,000 plants

  • 2 nd Stage : 50,000 youths with 50,000 plants

  • 3 rd Stage : 100,000 youths with 100,000 plants

  • 4 th Stage : 500,000 youths with 500,000 plants

  • 5 th Stage : 1,000,000 youths with 1,000,000 plants

Strategies :

  1. Establishing Interact clubs, youth environmental conservation societies, and individual members

  2. Encouraging youth to establish commercial plant nurseries.

  3. Appointing project coordinators around the world and within Sri Lanka.

  4. Mobilizing volunteers

  5. Conducting educational programs

All our members are requested to plant tree as much as possible to achieve our objectives to conserve the planet as a whole.

Become a member of a global youth organization and explore a world of opportunities.

All you have to do is…. “PLANT A TREE...!”

We pay your membership fee, provided you plant a tree. Send us a photograph of you standing beside the tree for confirmation and we will grant you the membership. The photo will be uploaded to our website, upon your consent. You can plant any number of trees. Higher the number of trees you plant, greater your contribution to the world will be…

Refer the Membership page (in GEYEF home page)for conditions. refer membership Youth can change the world Save the trees that save the world Youth can give hope to earth - adopt a tree to save the earth.

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